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Hello May Bank Holiday ....


If your not using it already then you need to start putting this product into your routine,

I would say this is such a great long life product to get used to using everyday, come rain or shine.

SF Protect 50 does not appear white on the skin it will just blend in to your skin tone. This also has Citric acid to control oil and Lactic acid to keep skin hydrated.

I use this on top of the Infusion moisturiser, if feels great on the skin and you just feel protected.

Job done.

The sun can be extremely aging for the skin, with pigmintation to follow over years of exposure, though most of us crave for that sun-kissed look, my advise would be, just stick with fake tan their are numerous on the market.

I am personally using one by Amanda Harrington right now which I like though I am always looking out for new recommendations, so please comment below if you have a great tan product you'd like to share.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Jacs x

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