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Quench is different

The latest of my full size products "Quench" has been a sell out product.

What makes it different to other products?

The ultra low weight of the molecule enables Quench to penatrate into the skin. This Vegan acid booster has been shown to deliver long lasting hydration and provides locked in hydration.

Add 4-5 drops to the day twice a day, treat it like a serum. Use after your cleanser

and before your moisturiser.

Clinically proven for the skin to improve hydration levels with continued use, this makes a perfect serum for this time of year.

Made in the UK

No animal testing

Vegan Friendly

Don't just take my word for it, here is some feedback I received recently ...

Miracle Quench serum

My skin was so dry after the change in the weather and also using fake tan. I used the serum as soon as It arrived in the post as my skin was driving me mad. I literally put 5 drops on. Placed it all over my skin. I could instantly feel the relief. Waking the next morning my skin was completely different. I am actually shocked at how soft and supple it is. I have a few of Jacs products now and won’t be buying else where. Highly recommend product.

I have limited product available, so do not hesitate to try, just click the button below.

Jacs x

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