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SF Skincare launching this week!!

Finally here we are at the release point ready for launching my skincare out there ... as I have said before Skincare does not need to be compicated and by using certain formulations on the skin you too can be on the way to the skin you love.

This Clinical range of skincare has been designed for that in mind, this is for everyone looking for great skincare for all, but if you your looking for great experiances and smells of spa days when you apply then this is not the skincare for you.

These formulations just do what they are supossed to do with no fuss and you get the results. Working in the industury on both sides as the Aesthetician in clinic and for some of the top brands of clincal skincare as a trainer, I have used my experiance and knowledge to go forward with this project. I really hope you love it as much as I do. x

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