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Postcard from Kenya

For those who managed to put up with my endless journey of sharing on social media whilst in Kenya, thank you for messaging me and coming along for the ride.

What an experience I have just returned from.

The opportunity to educate fifty talented therapists over three spas in Nairobi & to share my passion for skin & skincare exceeded my expectations.

My Discovery Kit and Reset Nectar were my lifeline while away.

Applying Reset Nectar on my long haul flight, which retained moisture in my skin, so I did not arrive for work shrivelled up from air conditioning.

The Discovery Kit will last for two weeks, so you have everything you need to retain a great skincare routine, and it will all fit into your clear plastic bag to go into your hand luggage.

Of course, I even managed to do a full facial routine before landing so I was fresh glowing and ready to go!

I did spend the weekend in the Masai Mara.

I took this picture at 6.15 am

Isn't she just beautiful?!!

Any questions as always,

just reach out.

Jacs x

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